Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health – Testimonials

Thank you Dr.Diener!

With all the negative Ad’s on TV regarding bladder slings, it is very difficult to make the decision to have surgery or not. But really the Ad’s are from Lawyers, not real people. Having this surgery was the best decision I made. To be able to sneeze, cough or exercise without leakage is amazing. I can not believe how happy I am now. The procedure went exactly as explained, very little pain with great big rewards. Thank you Dr.Diener, You Rock!!!

I am a new woman!

At age 73 and after 4 years of feeling like a prisoner in my home due to a “frequency, urgency and leakage” problem I decided to let Dr. McKinney do his magic and fix my problem.
I experienced minimal pain after surgery (did not need meds) and was very surprised how quickly everything returned to normal. I am 6 weeks post-op and back to my very full and busy life with no problems, no pampers and no panty-liners!
Life is good! If you are experiencing the problems I was, DO NOT FEAR THIS PROCEDURE. It is a no-brainer! It is a true fix with a nice 3 week R&R.;
(D.B. age 73)

Diener is top of the line as a doctor, you can’t get any better than her

Background of myself, I never go to the doctors because my body is healthy. I operate a farm with my 2 sons. My husband died 1992. We do hay and straw. A few years ago I had 2 kidney stones removed, they were the size of an egg. My body was very healthy. Now my uterus kept falling out. My daughter-in-law made an appointment with Dr. Diener. I never heard of her. I was in Kennedy Hospital for 3 days before seeing Dr. Diener. They could not figure out how to hold my uterus in after I left the hospital. I was in the emergency room almost every day. Finally Dr. Diener solved the problem. An instrument was put in to hold my uterus in place (Pessary) until my surgery. It never came out until surgery they removed it, surgery went very well. There was no pain after surgery or any time after for that matter. I did not even need the pain medication after surgery. Dr. Diener is top of the line as a doctor, you can’t get any better than her. I am well. She is the best.
(M.D. age 79)

I am so grateful for your skill and expertise

Just a note to let you know I am almost fully recovered from my operation. Thank you so much for everything you did for me! Everyone on your staff was very helpful also. I am so grateful for your skill and expertise in giving me a necessary part of my life back. And to think that I am left with a few tiny incisions that are practically all gone – simply AMAZING! Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone facing this procedure.
(R.G. age 67)

I thank you for everything

Dr. McKinney, I want to thank you for the reassurance you gave me before and after my surgery. I waited a long time to have this surgery because I was nervous. You are not only very gifted at what you do but you have a very soothing nature that has helped me through the process. The surgery and the healing went much smoother than I anticipated. I thank you for everything.
(J.B. age 31)

I would recommend you to anyone

Dr. McKinney, I have had excellent results from your surgery and the cystoscopy procedure. No more rectal prolapse, no more urinary incontinence. Also my frequent urinary tract infections have stopped. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your excellent results!
(S.R. age 76)

I am just amazed

Dr.McKinney, my bladder surgery was a walk in the park. I am just amazed. Your skill along with the amazing care I received at the hospital made this an extraordinary experience.

Dr. McKinney was able to give me the answers to my health problems

I would like to thank the entire staff at Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health. I would especially like to thank Dr. McKinney and Linda Narcisi for all their help. I have been to several doctors over the years who were unable to figure out what was wrong with me. Ever since I was a child I had frequent urge to urinate with little output, I would have to really push to get urine out. After seeing Dr. McKinney, he was able to give me the answers to my health problems. I flew in from Idaho because that is where I currently live. My mom goes to your office and I am so thankful I listened to her. Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health has been a god send for me. The entire staff was helpful, kind, compassionate and caring.

Dr. Diener is the Best!

Very positive experience, Dr. Diener is the Best! I feel great, minimal pain.
(B.G. age 63)

Right Doctor, Right Time, Right Procedure

I want to share my experience with Dr. Timothy McKinney and the team at “Athena.” After searching diligently for a doctor and scheduling surgery for my condition I found myself cancelling surgery due to incomplete answers to my questions and an underlying uneasiness. It wasn’t until I was directed to “Athena” and Dr. McKinney that I felt comfortable to go forward with my corrective pelvic repair and bladder repair. Dr. McKinney’s manner immediately put me at ease as he assessed my condition and thoroughly explained what needed to be done. He exudes a confidence in what he does that causes you to trust. My surgery has been a success resulting in a much better quality of life. I highly recommend Dr. McKinney. Since my surgery all I find myself saying is: “I had the Right Doctor, At the Right Time, and the Right Procedure”.


I suffered with a prolapsed bladder for 25 years or so. My GYN doctor at the time said that there was nothing she could do about it. About 6 years ago I heard about a Uro-Gyn doctor that was in Philadelphia. I own my own business and heard about the long hospitalization that would be involved; I could not take the required time off, so another delay. Then 3 years ago I heard of another doctor in Voorhees. I went to him but did not feel comfortable at all. He also talked about long hospital stays and said that I was older and it would be easier to operate if I didn’t want to have “relations” with my husband of 7 years. Finally I called Kennedy and asked about a Uro-Gyn doctor and they gave me Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health’s number. The rest is truly history. Dr. Diener operated on me, the other professionals in the office helped me and I now feel like a new person. I am 71 and I feel like 50. I have a good life to look forward to. Thank you all for your help.
I know that there has to be other women out there who don’t know that this will work. Please keep trying to reach them; they will be just as grateful as I am.
(V.V. age 71)

Thanks to this dynamic team, of who I will always be eternally grateful

Several years ago I was suffering with chronic pelvic pain.  I had gone to several doctors for this condition, many of who were at that time; some still are, on staff at one of the major leading hospitals in Southern New Jersey.  I was an employee there at the time as well.  I’ve had ultrasounds, MRI’s, HSG, even had a laparoscopy.  Despite all this, I continued to suffer the same severe chronic pelvic pain. I was in my late 20’s early 30’s and was living with pain for over 15 years.   I had accepted that I would live on medication for the rest of my life. Finally, after 15 years of living like this I came to Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health, Urogynecology Practice of Dr. Timothy McKinney, Dr. Elizabeth Diener and NP Linda Narcisi. This was the first time in 15 years I was given a definitive diagnosis for my condition and was not made to feel like I was crazy and it was all in my head. Thanks to this dynamic team, of who I will always be eternally grateful, I am now 47 years old and can enjoy a quality of life I had not known since my early 20’s, with my husband a 2 year old son.  When people have touched and changed your life for the better “you pay it forward”.  I am and will always remain a patient of this practice.
(EJL 47 and happy)


For 10 years I suffered with bladder problems and infections. I came to Athena Women’s Institute for Pelvic Health and had my bladder repaired. It was the best thing I could have done. It has made me feel 20 years younger!
(K.A., age 65)