Clinical research

January 2013, Dr. Ann Diener and Dr. Martin Akerson participated in AMS Elevate 522K postmarketing studies on Vaginal Mesh Placement in Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery.

The FDA requested some very specific postmarketing studies on the placement of mesh via the vaginal route. Dr. Ann Diener and Dr. Martin Akerson were chosen to conduct these important studies due to their skills and experience in this area and experienced surgical outcomes of placing the vaginal mesh. Dr. Ann Diener and Dr. Martin Akerson claim that these studies are relevant and can help answer the current questions about this issue. It’s very important for women who have pelvic organ prolapse and can’t undergo a surgical repair with native tissue. These meshes have been approved by the FDA for medical use and many women have already undergone this procedure over the last decade. You can take part in this study if you are a patient who needs a mesh for pelvic organ prolapse surgery.